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Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Clean Your Jewelry at Home

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry?

↣ "Take care of the jewelry is necessary to make it sparkle & shine last forever. While every piece of jewelry looking pretty beautiful, it can end up looking shine forever if we can not care for well. If you really want your jewelry last forever, then you need to take care of it."

↣ Follow these simple tips to take care of your jewelry...

  1. Avoid spraying on perfume directly on your jewelry. Always wear your jewelry after perfumed, most important neck & wrist jewelry.

    jewelry cleaning

  2. We recommended to removing your silver jewelry before taking shower as well as before washing your hand to avoid getting tarnish as silver reacts with water. You can wear 10K, 14K & 18K Solid Gold Jewelry while having a shower and washing your hands.

    how to clean jewelry?

  3. Always remember, jewelry should be stored away separately in air tight box to make it shine last forever.

    jewelry box engagement ring box

  4. We recommended to avoid swimming with your jewelry piece in swimming pool or sea area because water react with metal and cause it to tarnish. There may also chances to damage or lost the jewelry.

  5. Avoiding contact of your jewelry with Lotions & Creams may contains acidic ingredients that react with your metal of pieces also Avoid moisturizing area of your skin that come with contact of pieces.

  6. We recommended to remove your pieces before going to bed or participating any physical activity to avoid any accidents that may causes damage to your pieces.

  7. We recommended to clean your jewelry piece after use occasionally & wipe with soft clothe. As a best practice, do this once every week.

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